Core Values

  • Presence over perfection
  • Substance over show
  • Integrity over advancement
  • God's Glory before Zion's fame
  • Others before self
  • Unity in relationships
  • Hard work and commitment
  • Character over talent

Who We Are

  • Zion Dance Company is the touring company based out of Fuzion Studio located in Jefferson City, TN. Since it’s founding in 2012, Zion has performed each of its five full length productions in a variety of settings includings theaters, schools, churches, and conferences both locally and internationally. Our goal is to create inspirational and provoking works that speak to the hearts and minds of our audience. Using the artform of dance, we strive to create visual images that bring music and lyrics to life in a beautiful and emotional way that reaches deep places that mere words alone could never reach.

Zion Team Picture


The movements of each dancer were not superfluous but pregnant with meaning. Dr. Dale A. Fife
Author of The Secret Place
Every time I see Zion dance I am both impressed and inspired. Creativity abounds as their dedication to their art and professional excellence is evidenced through their presented message. I highly recommend seeing a nearby performance or inviting them to be a part of your next big event. Chad Morris, Rev.
Associate Director of Campus Ministries
I keep asking myself every time I have the opportunity to watch Zion Dance Company perform, "Is it really possible that there is something this good coming from a town as small as Jefferson City?" Larry LaPlue
General Manager at ESINC